Share your story

We have lots of different options for how you can share your story, to make sure you are comfortable sharing, and are as anonymous as you would like. We believe speaking out should be empowering, and unique to you.

Snapchat testimonial

Film a video of your story, allowing for your experience to be visibly raw and humanising. Snapchat or Instagram filters allow you to be completely in control of your anonymity.

Blog post

Recording yourself isn’t for everyone, many students and graduates choose to write down their experiences instead.


Let us know how our campaign has affected you.

Your own idea

We aim to facilitate however people want to share, video, audio, written, or something different – art, illustrations, social media ideas. Just let us know how you would like to share and we will try and make it work.

Whatever way is best for you, if you email us we will make it happen.

Hannah, our campaign founder, will then respond with information on the Revolt Sexual Assault campaign, different ways for you to show your support and to get involved. Any participation in the campaign can be completely personalised to your story and your anonymity wishes.

We will also be on hand to answer any questions or concerns you might have in relation to participating in the campaign.