I’m not sure how to write this but I want to say thank you, the article you wrote has touched me, but also as a male survivor, I’m glad to see such articles are appearing and that the voice is being raised to say, ‘No, no more, not again’. And thank you for saying it can happen to men as well – that means a lot!


Hearing about the project made me acknowledge what had happened last year. It kind of made me have acceptance for something that i had blamed myself for, for such a long time and made me realise that there are so many other people in the same position.

I think its really important that these things are spoken about as so many people don’t realise the long term effects it can have or they have the mentality ‘it wont ever be me.’ but being in the wrong place at the wrong time means it can be you.

But mostly for me, it made me talk about it and in a way made me forgive both the guy involved and myself.


I’m so proud of how far this campaign has come, thank you so much ❤️ just the initial process of taking part in this helped me more than I thought it could! x


Hannah Price appeared on BBC News to talk about her campaign. To do so took bravery. And to do so so eloquently gave momentum to what is now a National issue. Giving a voice to those who have had to deal with sexual assault is vital – and I suspect that history will judge Hannah’s involvement as an important contribution.

Simon McCoy – Presenter, BBC News

If this campaign makes one person feel less alone or more comfortable talking about sexual assault then it has made a difference. Telling my story anonymously has been so empowering and I’ve felt safe and in control the whole time.

When i was raped I felt so alone and unsupported. I thought bad things like sexual assault didn’t happen to girls like me.. and so did my family and so did my friends. I didn’t know how to talk about rape and that made dealing with all my emotions so much more difficult.

Since I was raped, establishing safety and control have been significant parts of my recovery process and this was yet another step. The police and the university need to change the way they deal with sexual assault cases.

I really believe this campaign will make them ask more questions and take a more active approach in reforming their systems. It wasn’t easy to tell my story but I’m extremely proud to be a part of this amazing campaign, thank you Hannah and everyone else who has been a part of it!