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I believe that the government needs to address the sexual violence at universities, as a matter of urgency.

Out of the 4,500 students and recent graduates that Revolt Sexual Assault surveyed, almost 50% had experienced sexual assault at universities in the UK. 70% of female students said they had experienced some form of sexual violence.ย 

However, only 6% of those students felt able to report the incident to their university.

Many universities’ have next to no support or specialised staff and policies in place for survivors,ย or even campaigns to prevent the normalised culture of sexual assault and harassment on campus.

In some cases, the same procedures for cheating in an exam are applied to a rape allegation.

Because of the university environment, it is not as simple as just going to the police. Students are studying, living and socialising with their peers, and perpetrators.

How can they go through that lengthy, and traumatic, criminal process without support from their university?

Please take five minutes to read and watch some of the raw, humanising and powerful testimonials from young people all over the country, and youโ€™ll feel as strongly about this issue as we do.

Revolt Sexual Assault, with your help, can create a new minimum standard of care for all students who experience sexual violence, at every university in the UK.

We are urging the government to acknowledge this wide spread issue, and implement national policy, with student survivors at the heart.

So, I ask for your support as a member of parliament, a public figure and a human being to help us end this. In order to fight the predatory culture of sexual assault and harassment on campus we need strong, authoritative voices to speak out and support us in the commons.

Everyone in the UK has the human right to an education, an education free from sexual violence. We need your help to end this, please pledge your support to address this issue #ItsRevolting.

Yours sincerely,

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