Almost two thirds (62%) of students and graduates have experienced sexual violence at UK universities, finds new report

  • Only 1 in 10 reported their experiences to the university or police; only 6% of respondents reported their experience of sexual violence to the university.
  • Only 2% of those experiencing sexual violence felt both able to report it to their university and were satisfied with the reporting process
  • A third of students (31%) felt pressured into doing something sexual.

With no recent data to reflect their testimonials and demonstrate the scale of the problem, Revolt Sexual Assault, in partnership with The Student Room, launched the first national consultation for students and graduates on this issue in a decade.

Of the 4,500 students from 153 different institutions who took part in this survey, 62% have experienced sexual violence at UK universities. This figure rises to 70% of female respondents, 48% of which have experienced sexual assault, and 73% of respondents with a disability, where 54% have experienced sexual assault.

‘Every one of my female friends has stories about sexual assault and/or harassment at university. I have given only the most harrowing example but could elaborate with over a dozen incidents for me alone. I have been unwilling to report the sheer volume of incidents I have endured I fear would make me look like a fantasist.’ – survey respondent.

26% of male respondents had experienced sexual violence at university.

Hannah Price, Founder of Revolt Sexual Assault, said:

‘While at university I experienced everything from harassment and ‘casual’ groping to rape, none of which I reported – and I am not alone. I set up Revolt Sexual Assault to bridge the gap between institutions and student survivors, so that the scale of this epidemic is acknowledged and addressed. This consultation demonstrates that the experiences shared through the videos of our campaign participants are far from tragic exceptions; this is everyday reality for the majority of students.’ 

Read more about the survey results here.

Graphics by Sarah Newey  

I’m not sure how to write this but I want to say thank you, the article you wrote has touched me, but also as a male survivor, I’m glad to see such articles are appearing and that the voice is being raised to say, ‘No, no more, not again’. And thank you for saying it can happen to men as well – that means a lot!


Hearing about the project made me acknowledge what had happened last year. It kind of made me have acceptance for something that i had blamed myself for, for such a long time and made me realise that there are so many other people in the same position.

I think its really important that these things are spoken about as so many people don’t realise the long term effects it can have or they have the mentality ‘it wont ever be me.’ but being in the wrong place at the wrong time means it can be you.

But mostly for me, it made me talk about it and in a way made me forgive both the guy involved and myself.