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• Giving a voice to survivors of sexual assault and harassment 


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We are working to expose and raise awareness of the real nature and extent of sexual assault and harassment experienced by students at university in the United Kingdom, and working with universities to provide the change required to address this epidemic.

University differs from other areas of life, because when you live in a student bubble that perpetrator might be a friend, a friend of a friend, in your halls, down your road, in your lecture or your local shop. It makes reporting sexual assault extremely hard with next to no support available.

But by speaking out, we can help highlight this issue so universities are compelled to offer more support for victims and tackle the problems that result in low report rates,  encourage more students to come forward knowing that they are not alone, and ultimately compel things to change.


Using the selfie-taking phenomenon Snapchat, students can share their experiences of sexual assault and harassment, bringing to life the raw and heart-wrenching stories behind the statistics.

They can choose to apply filters, facial and vocal obscuration to conceal their identity: this ensures that each student feels safe, comfortable and in control whilst sharing their story – feelings they are all too often deprived of through sexual violence.

We think there’s something pretty powerful about utilising a social phenomenon like Snapchat to address such a serious issue as sexual assault and harassment; to voice and humanise this issue that is all too often concealed in a cloak of silence.

We hope that the compilation and publication of these videos alongside our blog, will not only ensure students do not feel alone – and the sense of isolation and self-blame surrounding sexual assault victims is not to be underestimated – but will also create a domino effect leading to more and more awareness, conversation, engagement, participation and momentum for change.


Ultimately we want every student to experience an education free from the impacts of sexual violence, where students and bystanders feel comfortable speaking out about these issues and where universities provide the consistent standard of care that all students are entitled to.

We want the introduction of extensive education from a young age on what consent, sexual harassment and sexual assault really mean.

Most of all, we want a society where filters and digital disguises are not necessary; where victim blaming is not tolerated, and survivors of sexual violence feel secure and supported enough to come forward, safe in the knowledge that they will be cared for and they will be heard.


This is a testimonial from one of our incredibly brave, eloquent and strong campaign participants. For us it pretty powerfully captures our whole mission and the real, authentic impact and importance of this work.

“If this campaign makes one person feel less alone or more comfortable talking about sexual assault then it has made a difference. Telling my story anonymously has been so empowering and I’ve felt safe and in control the whole time.

“When I was raped I felt so alone and unsupported. I thought bad things like sexual assault didn’t happen to girls like me…and so did my family and so did my friends. I didn’t know how to talk about rape and that made dealing with all my emotions so much more difficult. 

“Since I was raped, establishing safety and control have been significant parts of my recovery process and this was yet another step. The police and the university need to change the way they deal with sexual assault cases.

“I really believe this campaign will make them ask more questions and take a more active approach in reforming their systems. It wasn’t easy to tell my story but I’m extremely proud to be a part of this amazing campaign, thank you Hannah and everyone else who has been a part of it!”