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Consent – The Constant Issue

Queen Mary Netball Team have created this powerful video, in which ten sports club members explore attitudes towards consent. Katie Kohn explains why it was such an important project. 
University is a confusing environment. For many students, this is the first time where you live independently of familial environments, and there is a new-found freedom of independence. Often students are surrounded by issues to do with drinking and other substances, and this means a wrong decision can rapidly descend into crisis.

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ProtectED Guest blog: Before there was #MeToo, there was #ItsRevolting

Our founder, Hannah Price, wrote the following for ProtectED, a Code of Practice and accreditation scheme for higher education institutions in relation to the the safety, security and wellbeing of their students. 

If the latest media attention has shown you anything, it’s that sexual assault and harassment is happening, everywhere. At university it has happened to me, it has happened to my friends and it’s happening at every higher education institution in the UK. 

So why are report rates so low? One university’s response to our Freedom of Information Request revealed that they had just one incident of sexual assault on record in five years. University management, some of the country’s most intelligent and highly educated people, must be able to see that this is misrepresentative of reality.


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‘A sexual video of me went around school… I was horrified’

When I was 15 a sexual video of me went around my school.

It was back in the days when my friends and I would go and hold field parties. Telling our parents we were going to sleepovers at each other’s houses, we would collect in a green part of town, and drink.

I was horrified, it was invasive

I remember the evening when it happened, very clearly. It was the Friday after the first week back to school in Year 11. I had been drinking gin, straight – I obviously knew nothing about alcohol.

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‘I was not there as an equal; I was there as a showpiece.’

The events at the Presidents Club charity auction were disgusting; but I am in no way surprised. This toxic culture is cultivated behind closed doors and it starts young, at university.

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Sexual assault at universities: #itsrevolting – Hannah’s Editorial

Sexual assault among students at universities is something that happens regularly but is talked about rarely. A campaign aims to give students back their voice and to inform universities on how best to tackle the problem.

While at university, I and many of my friends were sexually assaulted on a regular basis. This can be a tough statement to accept for some people, but virtually every woman (and some men, too) can unfortunately confirm that it is true.

Sexual assault doesn’t just mean rape in a dark alley by a stranger – it’s groping on a night out, inappropriate comments or being pressured by a friend or partner into a sexual act.

Misconceptions around consent, sexual assault and even rape are inescapable and far too common. It’s almost become normalised, an accepted part of student life.

Report rates at universities in the UK are shockingly low and are not representative of the scale of this epidemic. How do you report sexual assault and harassment when the perpetrator is a friend or a friend of a friend, and you could bump into them at any time?

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There is no hope for change while women are still blaming other women

Emily McMullin writes about her experiences of sexual assault and why comments made by actress Angela Lansbury suggest a cultural change is needed – and fast.

Having been pretty vocal on the matter of sexual harassment since going to university, it got to the point last week where I felt I couldn’t not write something on the topic.

While I’m so glad that this long-awaited shit storm has begun and the perpetrators of sexual harassment and assault are finally having to face the consequences of their actions, I have also been horribly frustrated and angered by some of the comments and attitudes that are being bandied about as a result.


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