‘I kind of just brushed it under the carpet’

A graduate talking about her experience in final year.


“Although I’ve been groped on nights out several times, there’s one experience that really stands out.

I was out with a group of friends as part of a society club night, and we were having a great time. One of the guys, who I knew quite well, was feeling really drunk, so we went outside to get some fresh air and decided to go and get some chips from the chip shop just over the road.

We then went to eat the chips at a park which was really nearby, I wasn’t feeling that alarmed because it was lit and it’s a park that I knew really well.

But once we were there and away from people he started to make advances that I was really uncomfortable with, and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

In the end I had to push him away and I ran back to the club that I had been in with my friend and I was really shaken, and just didn’t really know what to do about it afterwards. I kind of just brushed it under the carpet, because I thought by being drunk and by going to the park with him it was somehow my fault.”

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